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                                         TOOL LIST

Here is a list of tools that may be required to install your new patio cover or enclosure. You may not need all of these, depending on what product you are installing.
If you don't have access to some of these yourself or through one of your friends, for a few dollars you can rent them from Home depot, Lowe's or other rental yards.

Variable Speed Drill with Hex Head And Philips Drivers
Electric Miter Saw, Chop Saw or Skill Saw with 10" Carbide Blade
Tape Measure
Framing Square
Chalk Line or Laser Line
Calking Gun
Utility Knife
Putty Knife
Saw Horses

Insure that you always observe all safety rules and guidelines set forth by the manufactures of the tools, and always use any  protective equipment listed by the manufacture of the tool when operating any tool or machinery.

When using any electrical device always insure that the plugs are properly grounded
and that wires are not broken or frayed. Insure any extension cords will carry the amperage required for that device and is in good condition.




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