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The photographs and/or drawings depicted on this website are not necessarily products and/or installations of Do-It-Yourself Patios or their distributors, dealers and/or customers. These photos represent samples of products manufactured by one manufacturer and/or many manufacturers of the products shown on this website. Do-It-Yourself Patios and/or Style Promotions of America, Inc. does not represent that these photographs are installations by our company or our customers. In most cases they were installed by contractors or the manufacturers. These are for example only. These photographs are only for the purposes of displaying various configurations that may be built with similar products manufactured by various manufacturers and installed by persons other than us or our customers throughout the United States. We do not represent in any way that these photographs are of installations conducted by customers of Do-It-Yourself Patios and/or Style Promotions of America, Inc. These are examples only of previous installations by other entities using the same or basically similar products manufactured and sold by multiple companies that manufacture. We do provide similar looking products with similar engineering criteria manufactured by the same and/or different manufacturers of these products. Like products are sold by many companies throughout the United States.